Download the Game
You can download and play the game for free once it is ready.
Download the Engine

You can download the engine as soon as it's available.

It is based on LWJGL and is optimized for efficient 2D rendering with the latest OpenGL 4.

Report a Bug
If you found a bug you can report it on the Acies Bitbucket page!
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“Acies is a content-driven procedural 2D space sandbox game in beautiful 4K resolution.”

A procedurally generated world gives you a unique experience every time you start a new journey.

But procedural worlds can get boring and confusing fast, because they lack character. That is why the worlds in Acies are carefully generated in a content-driven way, which creates a believable environment and gives depth.

Acies is a sandbox game where you can be what you want as long as it's in space. From mercenary to miner, over trader to pirate. Use the ship-builder to defend what you created.

The engine was custom-made for maximum 2D performance and flexibility, building up on the latest OpenGL 4.5 and utilizing latest techniques of the computer graphics industry.